Ikebana Sangetsu USA

Let's Learn the Art of Ikebana Sangetsu!

Ikebana Sangetsu USA offers classes and workshops for everyone from beginners to advance, so you too can master the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana flower arrangement. Our classes are designed to teach the basics of Ikebana and to give students the opportunity to explore their own creativity. Our experienced teachers will help you to create beautiful and elegant flower arrangements that will bring joy and harmony to your home. Join us and learn the art of Ikebana Sangetsu!


Ignite your creativity with our immersive Workshop Classes, an enriching experience designed to deepen your understanding and skills in the art of Ikebana. Led by expert instructors, these workshops provide a dynamic platform to explore advanced techniques, innovative designs, and personalized guidance. Immerse yourself in a supportive and collaborative environment as you unlock new possibilities and refine your artistic expression. Limited spaces available, so reserve your spot today!