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The word Sangetsu is inspired by the Teahouse (Sangetsu-An) built by Mokichi Okada in Hakone, Japan. The term Sangetsu consists of "san" (mountain) and "getsu" (moon), evoking the image of the moon rising behind the mountains.

Ikebana Sangetsu Style

The style aims to respect and cherish the Great Nature, with its fundamental principles being Truth, virtue, and Beauty. The goal is to contribute to the construction of a better world and nurture individuals with virtuous thoughts and feelings.

The flowers vivified by the Sangetsu style convey a force capable of transforming the negative into the positive, as well as illuminating and purifying the environment to provide peace and harmony.

Through arrangements, it is believed that one can transform each home into a small nucleus of paradise, where love naturally flourishes and expands. Master Mokichi Okada taught that the flower has the power to touch an individual's heart and eliminate what is harmful to the world.

Therefore, the goal is to propagate the essence of the flower, which is simple, profound, pure, and eternal. By doing so, it will be possible to promote human sentiment so that the universe of peace, security, prosperity, and fulfillment can be realized.

On the side, Master Mokichi Okada is selecting vases and other art objects for the Mokichi Okada Art Museum in Hakone, Japan. 1953

Sangetsu ikebana style was established on June 15, 1972, by Mokichi Okada's daughter, Itsuki Okada, in Hakone. It was based on the floral vivifications prepared by Mokichi Okada and his philosophical essays on Art and other topics related to human beings. The contemplation and practice of ikebana lead individuals to self-awareness and inner harmony, stimulate sensitivity and aesthetic sense, and elevate spirituality.

On the side, Master Itsuki Okada is creating an Ikebana Sangetsu arrangement. 

The values we live by

Our core values revolve around the timeless principles of Truth, Virtue, and Beauty, which serve as the bedrock of Ikebana Sangetsu Arrangements.


In our pursuit of floral artistry, we embrace the quest for both knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Truth transcends mere facts; it leads to profound self-realization and an awakening to the beauty within and around us.


We hold dear the moral and ethical facets of character. Our practice places great importance on virtues like compassion, kindness, and selflessness. These qualities are essential for not only harmonious living but also for creating arrangements that resonate with the heart.


Beauty isn't just an aesthetic concept; it's a way of life. We recognize the significance of appreciating and creating beauty in every facet of existence. Beyond arranging flowers, our aim is to inspire individuals to embody the inherent beauty of nature and the art itself.

We aspire to do more than teach the art of Ikebana; we aim to nurture individuals who not only create arrangements but also radiate the beauty of the flowers within themselves. Join us on this transformative journey and discover how Ikebana can be a profound reflection of your inner grace and appreciation for the world's beauty.

"Truth is the way, Virtue is the deed, and Beauty is the heart."

Mokichi Okada

Our organization

Ikebana Sangetsu USA offers classes in the traditional Japanese art of ikebana flower arrangement. With over 40 years of experience, our knowledgeable instructors will teach you the art of creating beautiful and intricate floral designs. Our classes are perfect for those looking to learn a new skill or to simply appreciate the beauty of ikebana.

Ikebana Sangetsu carries out various initiatives to promote and educate people about the art of Sangetsu-style Ikebana, including exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, and courses.

What we offer

Regular Course

Regular Course

Our regular courses consist of four levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Proficiency, each comprising 10 classes. 

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Ignite your creativity with our immersive Workshop Classes, an enriching experience designed to deepen your understanding and skills in the art of Ikebana. 

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At our Ikebana Sangetsu School, we take pride in offering captivating Demonstrations as a means to educate and entertain groups of enthusiastic audiences. 

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